Stewardship corner

“As they were marching out, they came upon a man of Cyrene, Simon by name; this man they pressed into service to carry his cross.”
-Matthew 27:32

The Lord calls us to love God and to love our neighbour. Every day we are presented with opportunities to love our neighbour and help him “carry his cross”. These opportunities aren’t usually big events, they are usually ordinary like helping someone carry their groceries or holding the door open for them. The key is putting the other person’s needs before our own and not expecting anything in return.

The new set of Envelopes have been posted. If you would like to contribute by Direct Debit, please call Doreen at the Presbytery on 5472-1900 for further details.  With Covid 19 and the subsequent closure of our Church by law, our customary mass collections have ceased – unfortunately none of our overheads have ceased (Insurance, lighting/electricity, security).  Many parishioners show their stewardship by placing offerings in the plate at mass; this has now ceased.  Please consider direct debit or perhaps some
other way to help financially.

“St Mary’s Parish welcomes all to share a faith in a loving God revealed in Jesus. We reach out in love and service so all may experience the gift of Christ’s message of reconcilliation, peace, and hope.”